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Industrial hygiene

In an era of emerging economies like Vietnam today, requires the industrial sectors must also innovate and develop in order to meet the strict...

Assisting Office

we wash all types of chairs such as Office Chairs, Sofa kinds as canvas, velvet, velveteen sofa simili

Assisting the hourly

Home cleaning service is a strength of our company, with the passionate and work with a sense of responsibility …

General cleaning at home

The house, apartment newly repaired or newly completed renovation, formerly the industrial Hygiene sector has not developed …

Clean Glass

Buildings, trade centers, apartment, Housing, Office Building, factory, school, home work area of agencies, boards thousand, and so on.

Wash the carpet

Carpets are very susceptible materials damp, prone to infiltration by bacteria, microbes, causing unpleasant odors, especially when soiled with food...


HomeClean company is a leading industrial Hygiene in Dong Nai. At HomeClean, we provide a comprehensive service for general Hygiene for the agency or enterprise.

High quality services along with dedicated customer care in recent years has created brands for HomeClean.

HomeClean, a staff trained in a formal process and professionalism to bring satisfaction to all customers the greatest skill. We are particularly concerned about the needs of the customer and always do our best to respond in the best way, from the small office work such as cleaning, carpet cleaning to clean the glass, polished both sides convenient ...